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Texas, where P.U.R.E. Records Music was conceived in July 2018. Founded by Joseph Easley amidst the challenges 

of serving our country in Afghanistan. The acronym P.U.R.E. encapsulates the passion and vision that guided the label's inception, shaping a modern David and Goliath narrative that tested faith in God, man, and humanity. This marks the evolving story of P.U.R.E. Records Music – a journey characterized by resilience, milestones, and a lasting imprint on the musical landscape.


Our label faced setbacks but achieved significant milestones at prestigious events such as the BET Awards and global DJ conventions. These experiences allowed us to introduce emerging artists and establish vital connections within the industry.


A pivotal moment unfolded in NYC on October 24th, 2020, during a listening event that attracted industry luminaries, including the influential DJ Premier. His endorsement propelled P.U.R.E. onto Eminem's Shade45, SiriusXM radio, solidifying our relevance in the music scene. 


Currently, our active engagement in the industry and collaboration with emerging talents have consistently propelled us to new heights. This continuous elevation firmly places us on the radar of esteemed industry titans such as 300 Entertainment, Warner Brothers, and Quality Control and reinforces our position as a noteworthy player in the music business. 

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P.U.R.E.Records leads by example. Manifesting our purpose is what drives us on a daily basis. Championing talent, understanding artist and their purpose. We create authenticity that breeds loyalty to your brand and your audience.


A necessary principle of growth. We move in one direction as a unit. Achieving one goal... success!. Our individual power ignites our collective power. Unity cultivates family, and family celebrates each other’s victories and overcome challenges.


We are as real as it gets, Our label was built with a team of 9-5 “working class” people who believe in empowering artistry. Encouraging artists to be unapologetically them. Creating authentic music through the artist narrative.


Practices or values that distinguish one person, organization or society. Our ethos can be easily defined as “I am my brothers keeper” Being part of the P.U.R.E family, you continue to grind and trust the process. In return, we protect ours by any means necessary!


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