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P.U.R.E.Records leads by example. Manifesting our purpose is what drives us on a daily basis. Championing talent, understanding artist and their purpose. We create authenticity that breeds loyalty to your brand and your audience.


A necessary principle of growth. We move in one direction as a unit. Achieving one goal... success!. Our individual power ignites our collective power. Unity cultivates family, and family celebrates each other’s victories and overcome challenges.


We are as real as it gets, Our label was built with a team of 9-5 “working class” people who believe in empowering artistry. Encouraging artists to be unapologetically them. Creating authentic music through the artist narrative.


Practices or values that distinguish one person, organization or society. Our ethos can be easily defined as “I am my brothers keeper” Being part of the P.U.R.E family, you continue to grind and trust the process. In return, we protect ours by any means necessary!

Founded in Texas three years ago, the ideation of creating an independent record label happened while fighting for our country in Afghanistan. My two business partners James Waldron and Rafael McKensie who currently serve in the Air Force and I, Joseph Easley started P.U.R.E. Records Music. The concept and passion of my vision led me to create the acronym of what P.U.R.E. would eventually be. The hardships and lessons that would lead me into this journey, I now know was by design. This new-age David and Goliath's turn of events tested my in God, faith in man, faith in humanity. This is the story of P.U.R.E. Records Music. 


Initially, when I envisioned P.U.R.E. Records Music, I had a three-year plan. 2018, being our “grind year”, 2019 our “shine year”, and 2020 being “our year”. In 2018 and 2019, we traveled to LA for the BET Awards and eventually was invited to Miami for a private party. We were introducing the artists and positioning them in the music industry, building relationships, and rapport, getting their music noticed, and projects planned. Things were seemingly running according to plan, everybody understood the goal we had in mind.


Through hardships and small battles, we no longer had said artist, However, we are still standing. We were going to show the world we can make something out of nothing. The bond between everyone immediately felt organic and P.U,R E.


With COVID-19, racial and social injustice occurring - the overwhelming state of our nation fueled our artists to create quality music, creating an honest narrative at it’s purest form.

Now that momentum was picking up for P.U.R.E. Records Music, H.L. and the label had this maniacal idea to host a listening event in NYC. On Saturday, October 24th, the event kicked off with DJs, bloggers, tastemakers, movers, and shakers from all different areas. All of the artists put on a show, to say the least, but the highlight of the night was when DJ Premier made his appearance. We were already on his radar for quite some time, however, this was the next level - one of the biggest, most relevant, legendary DJ’s paid us a visit. Not only did he sit through each of the four artists' sets, but he gave us honest feedback and advice.


Needless to say, history was made. The music was well-received by all of those that attended and the artists and team got to network and build even more relationships. To top it all off, DJ Premier featured two songs on Eminem's Shade45 SiriusXM radio. 


We want to share our story because, not only are we a label with no hit records (yet), but we are history in the making. We have been verified and cosigned by a legend who is currently spinning our records for the world to hear.


We want everyone to know that no matter how hard this road gets with the lies, being taken advantage of, personal downfalls, and setbacks…as long as we have God, faith, and our family - we will always prevail. The world is starting to take notice that P.U.R.E. Records Music is here to stay. Tune in our next chapter, 2021, “Pure Arrival”


Joseph "Ace" Easley CEO & Founder,

P.U.R.E. Records Music, LLC


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