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09 Beat Tape.

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With a musical pulse of creative possibilities, our multifaceted producer is notorious for his meticulous yet imaginative visions. His roots in education and influences from the legendary allow him to become the mad scientist of sounds known as “The Soul Chemist”. 


Growing up with several dispositions in the disadvantaged community of Cairo, Illinois, Soul created sonic escapes to transcend his upbringing. The Chemist constantly compelled himself towards musical styles and multimodal approaches to presentation. With the opportunity to pursue higher education, our scholar follows his impulses to entertainment and production; as his high school didn’t have the funds to foster his innovative appetite.


Soul Chemist begins his academic journey at Southern Illinois University. Eager to “prove himself” in an elite environment, Soul becomes self-taught in piano and saxophone to combat the status-quo at the college. He would then combat many stigmas and challenges but completed his Bachelors in Digital Media, with an emphasis in Audio Production.


In a similar style, Soul Chemist self-taught his skills to his first purchase, the Akai MPC 2000 XL at 20 years old. Born in ‘93 and inspired by the “golden age of Hip-Hop”, he began to produce his homages to artists and producers like Gang Starr, Wu-Tang Clan, Marvin Gayle, DJ Premier, Large Professor, Run D.M.C, Rick Rubin, Curtis Mayfield, Kanye West, Just Blaze, Marley Marl, Pete Rock. This pursuit followed him to his first turntable and mixer back in 2018, and he’s been a successful DJ ever since. He collaborated with the University of Kansas and Adidas in his early career and competed in the “2018 iStandard Producer Showcase” at SXSW in Austin, Texas.


The brilliant beat maker received a full-ride scholarship for his Master’s in Film and Media Studies in Lawrence, Kansas, where he currently resides. Soul Chemist was excited by the opportunity to incorporate his own ideologies when customizing his master’s program. His academic interests lie within Black digital practices and hip-hop culture and production. Specifically, he explores how hip-hop uses audio and visual techniques as a form of Socio-political resistance through digital reproductions of space, place, and identity.


Soul Chemist is now a lecturer of hip-hop, race, and media production at the University of Kansas Film and Media Studies program. He’s currently in pursuit of his Ph.D. in Media and Cultural Studies. While studying, he’s simultaneously released beats, samples, and online drum kits to build his credibility and recognition. His current label mate, Hype vouched for his musical variety and P.U.R.E. Records became instantly bound. Before signing, he produced the projects “Hype Is Like” and “The Golden Child III” from Hype’s newly dropped EP. These tracks would attract popularity and would find themselves on SiriusXM, Shade45 “DJ Premier: Live From HeadQCourterz”. Currently, he’s producing for his other label mates like Uptown Rome’s upcoming EP, which is expected to drop this New Year’s.


Deemed Professor Hip-Hop, he’s contemplating the various offers to complete his Ph.D. His music is structured and profound, organically taking you back to the origins of musical composition and its roots.


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Produced by Soul Chemist

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