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Ruciano is an American-born, Brooklyn-based artist.

It’s impossible not to be impressed by his wavy attitude and blend of 90s New York nostalgia and stoner rap. Growing up, Jay-Z and Eminem were the inspiration that ignited his rap pursuance. He blends his bravado with grit, and hunger into rhythmic flows, multi-syllable rhymes, metaphors, and punchlines.

After performing at Brooklyn Unity Fest in 2017, he appeared at TAP music fest in San Diego the following year. Aquaman series debuts in 2020 with “Splash of Brilliance.” and five other projects in 2021 (“Deal with Drip”, “Atlantis (The Compilation)“, “Splash of Brilliance 2”, “Aquamvn”, and “Atlantean”). Ruciano’s last project before signing to P.U.R.E records is an EP called “Shockwave” along with G Wise.

There is no doubt that we are here to catch a wave, and that wave is Ruciano. 10k + followers on social media, Arguably, commanding all eyes and ears on him. Catch his debut on P.U.R.E Records Music’s label summer of ’22 also known as summer of Ruciano.


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